List of Inductees

1987 Philip Browne
James A. Clancy
Samuel Ebsary
Hon. Justice James D. Higgins
Hon. Justice William J. Higgins
John J. Kenny
Lord Edward Morris
John J. Reardigan
Levi Rogers
1877 Placentia Male Crew
1901 Outer Cove Fisherman Male Crew
1988 Rendell W. Jeans
James A. Ring
Robert Sexton
1989 Gerald P. Angel 1856 Quidi Vidi Female Crew
1990 Hon. Sir Edgar R. Bowring
Gordon Tilley
John M. Tobin
Arthur G. Williams
1991 No Inductees  
1992 No Inductees  
1993 James J. Carter
Jack Connors
Gerry Lewis
Gerald Stone
1958 Hotel Newfoundland Female Crew
1994 John J. Coaker
Adrian O'Keefe
John O'Neill
John Perlin
1995 Alfred Holwell
Samuel Loveys
Patrick Ring
Geoffery Stirling
1904 Blackhead Fishermen Male Crew
1996 Mike Dwyer
Gertrude Reardigan
Tom Traverse
1826 Regatta Committee
1871 Regatta Committee
1997 Cyril Boland
Alec G. Henley
John Warren
1964 William Summers Jr. Male Crew
1998 Thomas Kearsey
Richard Squires
Thomas Stone
1939 West End Police Male Crew
1999 Andrew Crosbie
Michael Howley
Mike Power
1981 Smith Stockley Male Crew
2000 Ed Hennessey
Max Dowden
1982 Outer Cove Male Crew
2001 John Barrington 1994 OZ-FM Female Crew
2002 George Stockley
1944-1948 Army Dock Male Crew
1949-1950 Higher Levels Intermediate Male Crew
2003 William Murphy 1959-1964 William Summers Junior Male Crew
2004 John O'Mara
Richard Pittman
Arthur Snow
Theo Whitten
2005 Donald S. Johnson
Adrian Traverse

1995 Keyin Tech Female Crew
1954-1955 US Air Police Male Crew

2006 Paul Campbell 1979-1980 Health Science Centre/General Hospital Female
2007 Lee Halleran
William (Billy) Clarke
Cyril Charles Collins
Joseph (Joe) F. Healey
1997 Butternut Male Crew
2008 No inductees  
2009 Ronnie Brennan
Ken Power
Gerald Keough
2010 Andrew G. Carnell
David J. Fox
1989 RNC Lakeshore Homes Male Crew
2011 1885 Outer Cove Fisherman Male Crew
1991 Smith-Stockley Outer Cove Male Crew
Sandy Greeley
2012 Charlie Cook
Geoffery C. Carnell, Jr.
1949 Bowring Brothers Female Crew
2013 Dee Murphy
Patricia E. Murphy
Patrick Power
2015 Bob Healey
Gail Malone
Mary Oakley

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