The Royal St. John's Regatta is the oldest organized sporting event in North America. It has been a part of Newfoundland history for almost 200 years. The first record of an organized event was in 1816, but rowing matches were common among ships crews in St. John's Harbour since at leats the 1700's.

These days, the Regatta draws crowds of up to 50,000 people annually to the shores of Quidi Vidi Lake. It is widely known as "The Largest Garden Party in the World" because it has been about socializing as much as amateur sport. Concession stands, wheels of fortune, games of chance, and food & drink are just as much part of the Regatta's history as the races.

This section of the website offers an insight into the history and traditions of the Royal St. John's Regatta.


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For more information about the history of the Royal St. John's Regatta, be sure to visit the Collections Canada website: "The History of the Royal St. John's Regatta Project".

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