Groundspace FAQs

1) Where can I get an application for groundspace on Regatta Day?

You can find an application on our website (click here), or at the boathouse, 10 Clancy Drive.

2) Where do I submit my application?

Applications can be submitted here at the boathouse 10 Clancy Drive, our hours of operation from 9:00am-7:00pm.  Or Fax 576-3315.  Payment is not required with application submission!

3) How much does it cost for groundspace?

Space is priced by location around the pond and the amount of space required you can see a price listing on our application form. The Committee charges based on frontage requested in 5 foot increments starting at 10 feet.

Please refer to the per foot price listing on the website by clicking here.

4) When will I know if my application has been accepted?

All applications are accepted however you may not always receive your requested location.  Availability of preferred locations is only known closer to Regatta Day so feel free to check with our staff closer to the Regatta's date the exact location.

5) How can I pay for my space?

You can only pay via cash, money orders or cheques made payable to the Royal St. John's Regatta Committee.  Non-certified cheques will not be accepted after the Wednesday two weeks prior to Regatta Day.  Upon payment you shall receive a receipt as well as a permit for your space which you must display on Regatta Day.

6) If we have paid and then cannot set up on Regatta Day can we get a refund?

The Committee will give refunds if you notify us of a cancellation before Regatta Eve, the Tuesday before Regatta Day.  After that there will be no refunds.

7) Does the Regatta Committee provide booths?

Sorry but the Committee does not provide any booths, tables, etc.  Your payment is simply for your space and permit for this space for Regatta Day.

8) Will I receive a parking permit with my groundspace purchase?

Unfortunately due to parking restrictions the Committee can not provide parking permits.  We suggest you bring down anything you need the day before the Regatta or in the early morning of Regatta Day prior to the city closing the streets around the lake.  The blockades usually start around 8:00 A.M. and are entirely controlled by city!

9) Where is my groundspace located?

Concessionaires, in good standing with the Committee, are allocated their previous years space for the current year.  New applicants are placed in either Section 1 or 2, trailers, food trucks etc are placed in Section 12 (refer to groundspace map link). 

Exact locations will be mapped the Sunday morning before Regatta Day.  Paid applicants will find a stake with their name placed in the location for their booth.  We suggest you come down and take a look at your space and let us know of any questions or concerns.  Set up in the direction of the arrow on the top of the stake.

10) When can I setup my booth?

You are allowed to start setting up the Sunday before Regatta Day.  However you are reminded we do not provide any security on the grounds so use your own discretion.

11) When can I start selling?

You can begin sales the day before Regatta Day.  In fact it has become somewhat of a tradition for people to take a walk around the lake on Regatta Eve, so the crowds are quite large!

12) What can I sell or do in my booth?

There are six types of concessions at the Regatta:

  1. Games of Chance - Reserved for Registered Charities only
  2. Games of Skill - Anyone can set up
  3. Food - All different types
  4. Rides Ferris - Wheels to ponies
  5. Information - Companies providing information
  6. Services - Face painting, rest stops, water.

If you are unsure about what you want to do in your booth contact the groundspace staff ay 576-8921.

13) We are a Registered Charity planning to operate a Game of Chance, are there any special requirements.

Yes there are two requirements:

  1. The Committee will not sell you your ground space without your Lottery License from the Lottery Licensing Board.  Please bring it along when you pay.
  2. On Regatta Day you must display, in a prominent location, your Lottery License.  Lottery Board Inspectors and the RNC will be inspecting Games of Chance.  Unfortunately some charities have not been able to operate on Regatta Day until they displayed their license.

14) Can we give out cash prizes?

No, cash prizes are reserved for the Regatta Committees Cash Wheels.  However, there are still some Crown and Anchor Games that have operated for years that are allowed to award limited cash prizes.

15) Can we operate a generator?

Yes, generators are allowed as long as they are small in size, muffled and in a safe location behind your booth.  If you are unsure of the size and location please contact our groundspace staff.

16) We plan to operate a food concession, are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are the standard food safety restrictions and requirements that restaurants, etc. operate under.  Food safety inspectors may be on site.

The Fire Department will also be on site to inspect propane storage, fryer and BBQ set up.

17) Do we have to clean the litter up around our booth?

Yes, we ask your co-operation is supplying litter bins around your booth.  That said we realize that with the crowds make litter difficult to clean up.  We ask for any assistance you can provide.

18) When do I have to pack up and leave?

The city decides when grounds have to be cleared, in the past generally after 10:00 P.M. on Regatta Night. However this decision is made by the city not the Committee and varies each year!  Any materials left over night will be removed by the citys clean up crew.

19) How many people attend the Regatta each year?

Around 35,000 to 50,000 people visit the lake on Regatta Day.

20) How do we know if it the Regatta is going ahead?

The committee makes a decision at 6:00 am Regatta morning, which will be announced on radio as well as on our website, facebook and twitter.

21) What if the Regatta does not go ahead on Wednesday?

The Committee will meet every following morning until the weather and wind allow us to hold the Regatta.  You will have to judge yourselves accordingly on what you leave around the lake on the days that are cancelled.

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