FAQs (Rowers)

1) What are the requirements to row in the Regatta?

In order to row in the Royal St. John’s Regatta, you must have a team of six (6) regular oarspersons, and a certified Coxswain. Most teams have a sponsor to provide financial support as well. Having a spare would be ideal in case someone cannot make a practice or in case anything goes wrong Regatta Day, but is not required. A coach or manager would also be ideal, but is not required.

2) How do I start rowing?

There are many ways to get involved with rowing. The best way would be to contact our Technical Coordinator at the boathouse, who will be organizing our Learn To Row Programs and will be putting together crews throughout the summer. We also have a FaceBook page and bulletin boards here at the boathouse that many people use to notify that they are looking for crews, rowers, coxswains, etc.

3) What are the “Learn to Row/Learn To Coxswain” programs?

The Learn to Row (LTR) and Learn To Coxswain (LTC) programs are free programs that the Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee puts off to teach newcomers the sport of rowing. For more information on the LTR/LTC programs click here.

4) What is Discovery Day Regatta?

The Discovery Day Regatta is a practice regatta held towards the end of June. For new and experienced crews, it is a chance to experience a race scenario before Time Trials and Regatta Day. For more information on the Discovery Day Regatta and to get race schedules and results click here.

5) What are Time Trials?

The date of the Time Trials will be determined each year by the Regatta Committee. The purpose of the Time Trials is to determine the make-up of each Regatta Day race based upon the times rowed by the crews participating in the Time Trial heats. For each Regatta Day race, the team with the fastest time will be assigned Stake 1, the second fastest assigned Stake 2, and so on until the slowest team is assigned Stake 5. For more information on Time Trials and to get race schedules and results click here.

6) How do I book spins?

As of 2015 we utilize an online booking system. The link to the booking page can be found on our home page. Instructions can be found here.  Practices run during the week from 5:25am-8:00pm, and on Saturdays run from 7:10am – 11:15am. Each practice time slot is 35 minutes long.

7) What if I don’t have a Coxswain?

If you cannot find a coxswain our Technical Coordinator is available to take crews out for practices until you can find one. They can also help your crew find a coxswain! You also have the option of putting an ad on our Facebook Page and our Boathouse bulletin board, as some crews have found coxswains this way! You can also recruit a friend to become a coxswain, no experience necessary. Just enroll them in our Learn to Coxswain program. For more information click here.

8) How Do I become a Coxswain?

In order to become a Coxswain, one must be nineteen (19) years of age as of December 31st of any year in which the rowing event is held. One then must participate in the Learn To Coxswain program offered multiple times each season.

9) Can I row with more than one crew?

Any oarsperson, rower or spare, is only permitted to register and row with one (1) crew

10) When is registration due?

The Regatta Committee will determine an appropriate date for the deadline. In order for any crew to participate in Discovery Day, they must have their registration paid before this date. Otherwise, it is due before Time Trials. For registration costs click here.

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